Music & lyrics by David Imrie

Lord give me wisdom
To read between the lines
Lord make me meek
So then this earth will be all mine
Lord cool my blood
So that my heart won’t rule my mind
Lord give me women
Who are beautiful inside

But Lord
Oh but Lord please take your time

Lord, Lord
Lord, Lord
Tell me do I cry in vain?

Lord let humility
Become my saving grace
Lord please divert me
From my hedonistic ways
Lord make me serious
For life is not a game
Lord give me strength
To see beyond a pretty face

But Lord
Oh Lord there ain’t no race


Although my days
Upon this earth are numbered
I hope to live each one
And fill my soul, fill my soul
Tell me now do I cry in vain?

Lord when I wake
I feel the cold inside my bones
Oh Lord I’m fearing
That my body’s getting old
Lord when I die
Please take me to a better place
Lord ease my suffering
With fortitude and grace

And Lord
Lord please don’t delay


(c) David Imrie 2017