Music & lyrics by David Imrie

You let me lose myself
Inside your sweet caress
Oh come on
And keep me warm

One day to another
I can’t chart our destiny
We don’t need
To have it all

For just like pebblestones
We drift along where the river goes
And we are worn
Against each other
Just like pebblestones
Rolling down where the river goes
Slowly going back
Into the place that we came from

You clear my mind just like
A mountain spring in summertime
You are so good for me

You can laugh away
My jealousies should I have fears
You are springtime
I am snow


My days alone are fading
The body prefers to forget its pain
I never want
To be on my own again

My only fear is that
Our times will end too far apart
But if you fall
I won’t be long


(c) David Imrie 2017