Oxford Bound

Music & lyrics by David Imrie

Oxford bound
It’s bringing you down
This isn’t your calling
The wheel just goes round

Oxford town
Sees you wearing a frown
This is not what I was made for
It’s not what I was made for

The days come
The days go
The seasons change
And nobody knows

The years come
The years go
Lives go by
And nobody knows

Oxford town
There’s a route to be found
To all you could want for
But where is the love?

Where is the love?
Oh where is the love?
It’s all that I’m asking
I need it so much


And you never give anything away

Oxford town
Is a memory now
I meant to return
But then one day I found

The briars behind me
Had covered my path
Had left me no option
Had darkened my heart

[chorus, except last line changes to]
And where is the love

If you never give anything away

(c) David Imrie 2017