TV Galicia interview

People in Galicia are, for the most part, genuinely interested in and enthused by creative endeavors. Whilst talking to a friend my music came up and they said if I gave them a CD they would pass it to someone they knew at TV Galicia, the regional broadcaster. TV Galicia liked it and so they sent round a reporter and cameraman to do an interview with me. You can see it HERE:

This is a triumph of editing -I’d never realised just how much difference it makes! They made me kind of flustered by shining an extremely bright spotlight into my eyes and asking me to remember a very long and involved speech to camera which went way beyond my abilities with Spanish verb conjugation. Then I played some music …but we shot this in various parts of my house that don’t have heating and were only at some 7 or 8 C, so my fingers were stiffening up horribly. Finally they recorded me playing some instruments extremely badly in the studio.

…and yet somehow it looks OK! Well done editors :o)