Music & lyrics by David Imrie

I am not another you
I don’t do the things you want me to
We are not the same
Although you called me by your name

And what I don’t understand
Is why you make all of these plans
For your life a second time
When this life is mine

And you say follow your heart
But if you’re young your love won’t last
Best grow cynical and old
Before you open up your soul

But if it’s all just a game
Why go through it all again
And fall behind although you try and try and try
Save up your failures for your child

I am not another you
A fact I try too hard to prove
And I will make my own mistakes
But please just hold a little faith

That if I never get it right
That if I start to lose this fight
It’s not a judgement nor a sign
For this life is mine

(c) David Imrie 2017