Carriage Clock

Music & lyrics by David Imrie

Look at all
You’ve got
Always going forwards
Never stopping where you’re at
It isn’t hard
To understand
Because you’re just a man
Who tries to play…

The game
He sees
It’s driving you insane
It’s got you down upon your knees
The blood is flowing faster
Don’t you care
They made you cut your hair
And put you in…

A cell
For life
A carriage clock awaits you
If you get to sixty five
And after all the echoes
Of your words
Can no longer be heard
You’ve got a lot of nerve
To have hoped you’d make a change
Within your human race

For the race is always won
By someone else
You just took part
Your medal ticks
A slowly failing health
So try your very best
To get along
Even if it all feels wrong
And so release your dreams
Let them fly
Let them be free
You just can’t give them
What they need

But there was once that you saw love
Love, but she walked on and went away
You didn’t have the time
You couldn’t find the words to say

(c) David Imrie 2017