Back to the Country

Music & lyrics by David Imrie

You don’t have the time to look up at the sun
As it rises above you in glorious colour
You stare at your feet and the pavement they meet
You have to keep moving for time is so precious

To you, now
Everything changes

And sitting on home on a fake wooden table
A black and white photo of Eric and Mabel
They’ve gone to their graves now
But they were both able

To take a little time
To laugh and to smile
With the child of their child
As it turned out they were the
Ones who were wise
To life

Where do we go now? [x4]

The food isn’t real
You don’t know where it comes from
Possessions you don’t need
But still you must own them

The house you must pay for
To hold the possessions
The child that you don’t have
Whose laughter you miss

Where do we go now? [x4]

So take the road out
Away from the city
Back to the green fields
Where Eric and Mabel

Would work very hard
But for things they believed in
They loved you so much
They would want you to be here

Back in the country [x4]
(Let’s all go back to the country)
Back to the country
It’s where we should go now

(c) David Imrie 2017