I’m a self published musician who writes my own website bio so I’m just going to skip the whole 3rd person / fake interview of myself thing because it feels too weird!

David Imrie, i.e. me, was born in Oxford many years ago but mostly grew up in Thurso in the far north of Scotland, which is a cold, grey and windy but also starkly beautiful place of strong community that is protected from mass tourism by its public transport connections.

Even though I’ve never had any kind of music lesson and can’t read or write music, at somewhere around age 16 or 17 the musician bug bit and to date it’s never let go.

So, I committed up to but never more than maybe 95% to various jobs and careers, that paid bills and facilitated shopping for acoustic guitars and other instruments and recording gear on ebay. I listened to great musicians, more or less learnt how to play and sing, and I was fairly diligent about writing down my song ideas.

Yet although I got together a bit of a comfort margin and maybe could have, it never seemed like quite the right time to try to use my life to do the thing I loved the most.

Good fortune smiled full upon me when I met my wife (and still does). A few years ago the jobs we did, in the place we were living only because it was convenient for the work we did in exchange for money, disappeared. Rather than try to find replacements we decided to come and live in Galicia (NW Atlantic Spain), which is a stunningly beautiful and surprisingly Celtic corner of Europe  that I hope true mass tourism never finds, have some children before time ran out on us for that, cook from scratch and eat and drink well, fix up an old farmhouse deep in the countryside, grow things, and live our lives more for the moment. All of which has gone well. Not necessarily easily, but well.

And then in mid 2016 the fates aligned, really for the first time, to make significantly dedicating myself to music a tenable life choice. Or at least I didn’t have a good excuse for not trying. As a result, Back to the Country, the album I’ve had in my head for such a long time, finally got recorded, and on 18th Feb 2018 it was released to peek its head out of the nest and take its first cautious flaps into the three dimensional void which is the internet.

All of which brings this little story up to the present moment. What happens next is up to you.